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To complement existing online tools for open-access data sharing, MAP has released the R package malariaAtlas. malariaAtlas enables users to download, visualise and manipulate global parasite rate survey data and modelled raster outputs within R, a freely available and widely used statistical software environment.

Latest release: version 1.0.0
If you have been using previous versions of this package, please update to the latest version now. MAP is in the process of moving domains and previous versions of the package will stop working once we have moved.

malariaAtlas R Data Package Screenshot
malariaAtlas R Data Package Example Output

By using malariaAtlas, any individual with internet access can directly download, visualise and analyse data from the Malaria Atlas Project. malariaAtlas is furthermore designed to fit into existing research workflows, enabling importation and further analysis of multiple data-types in a few simple lines of code.

MAP DPhil student Amelia Bertozzi-Villa has created a step-by-step Blog post giving an example on how to use malariaAtlas with our friction surface to determine travel time.

To install malariaAtlas within R, use the following code:


For further information and example code see the package vignette and/or GitHub Page.


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