Supporting malaria commodity planning in endemic countries

MAP’s work on global drug and diagnostic use is supplemented by this project, done in partnership with the PMI:Insights consortium to answer case-management and commodity quantification questions raised by PMI teams based in Guinea, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia.

As in malaria mapping for subnational risk stratification, routine case data offers a longitudinal counterpart to cross-sectional survey-based data collection. Although significant challenges exist in its use for quantifying case-management metrics, its inclusion offers additional insight into sub-national and sub-annual variation in drug and diagnostic demand and consumption. Focussing in on single countries also facilitates higher-resolution mapping of need, ie what is required to provide diagnosis and treatment to everyone who is sick with a fever, irrespective of if and where they sought care. The resulting historical estimates and future scenario-based projections are displayed in dashboards accessible to country partners, allowing them to explore impacts of potential policy changes to the case-management cascade in detail.