Dr. Lucy Tusting

MRC Fellow


Lucy is a postdoctoral research fellow supported by an MRC Skills Development Fellowship and based within the Malaria Atlas Project, Oxford. She is an infectious disease epidemiologist with research interests in the following areas: malaria epidemiology; multisectoral approaches to malaria and other vector-borne diseases, including the influence of development, housing and the built environment; and the synthesis of evidence on vector control interventions. Lucy’s postdoctoral research is investigating the role of housing improvements in reducing malaria transmission in sub-Saharan Africa. She is co-chair of Roll Back Malaria’s Housing and Malaria Work Stream.

Lucy has a PhD (2016) and MSc (2010, Distinction) from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and a first degree from Durham University. She has worked in the Gambia, Tanzania and Uganda. Her doctorate investigated the relationship between agriculture, poverty and malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lucy left the MAP group in September 2018 to return to the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine.

Selected Biography

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