Dr. Chantal Hendriks

Postdoctoral Researcher Team: Mosquito modelling and zoonotic malaria


Chantal is a post-doctoral landscape modeller within the Malaria Atlas Project. Her job focusses on finding geospatial patterns for insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors of malaria and investigating potential landscape drivers. The main driver Chantal focusses on is pesticide use in agriculture. Data on pesticide use in agriculture is often not well documented for malaria regions in Africa and therefore other covariates, such as crop growth, soils and hydrology, need be considered to find relationships between pesticide use in agriculture and insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors of malaria.

Before Chantal became part of the Malaria Atlas Project, she did a PhD in soil science at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). Her PhD was about soil data in regional land use analyses. Regional land use analyses, which include for example agronomic, hydrologic, biologic and climatologic studies, became more quantitative and interdisciplinary over time. This changed the soil data requirements and, as a consequence, a gap developed between the available and required soil data in regional land use analyses. Chantal identified the gap and investigated several solutions on bridging the gap.

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Selected Biography

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