Wellcome Trust Data Re-Use Prize: Malaria

Today sees the launch of the Wellcome Trust’s Data Re-Use Prize: Malaria, in collaboration with The Malaria Atlas Project and with support from Sage Bionetworks.

Head of the Malaria Atlas Project Professor Peter Gething says:

Understanding the geospatial and temporal distribution of malaria is vital to effectively targeting interventions to combat the disease. The estate of data and modelled burden estimates that MAP has built up is a key resource in informing that understanding.

However, for every question we answer, our data and models throw up another. That’s why we are excited about the Wellcome Trust Data Re-use Prize: it provides an opportunity for a broad range of data-scientists and modellers to bring their perspective to our data and collectively provide insights we might not otherwise think of.

Submissions to the prize should generate a new insight, tool, or health application from the vast amount of data held by MAP. Participants can pursue any research question or innovation that makes best use of the data. Submissions will take the form of a piece of code or analysis, plus a short narrative description of the work undertaken and how it meets the success criteria. The success criteria will include things like novelty, potential health impact, and robustness of methodology. The winning team or individual will get a cash prize of £15,000. Two runners-up will receive £5,000 each.

Read the Wellcome Trust’s announcement here.

Details of the competition can be found on the Wellcome Trust’s web page.

MAP has created a web page of data useful to competition participants.

2018 World Malaria Report Cover

2018 World Malaria Report is published using maps produced by the Malaria Atlas Project

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