The MAP Group comprises several teams. Each team has its own research agenda but staff also work collaboratively across the whole MAP group.

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Geospatial Modelling For Malaria Risk Stratification And Intervention Targeting

In collaboration with key partners, MAP is engaged in a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide geospatial analysis for malaria risk stratification and intervention targeting.


Global Malaria Epidemiology

Led by Director of Global Malaria Epidemiology Dr Daniel Weiss, this group uses epidemiological data and geostatistical modeling approaches to produce maps and estimates of malaria burden.


Malaria Ecology

Malaria is intrinsically linked to the environment - with climatic conditions, natural ecosystems, and human modification of the environment determining where the vectors and parasites that cause malaria can persist and pose a risk humans. Associate Professor Nick Golding is Director of Malaria Ecology at MAP. This new team is developing models of mosquito population dynamics and parasite transmission and mapping how they vary across the world to better inform malaria control.


PHD Students

MAP has a number of students studying for post-graduate qualifications under the principal supervision of Professor Peter Gething, with senior post-doctoral scientists within the group providing additional supervision.


ROAD-MAP: Data Engineering

Led by Camilo Vargas, the Data Engineering team is responsible for the acquisition, curation, and dissemination of MAP's data estate. We work with MAP staff and collaborators including the World Health Organization, Geneva, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Seattle. We also address ad-hoc queries for data and consultancy from a wide range of research groups, scientists, journalists, and the public.