Dr. Ewan Cameron

Director of Malaria Risk Stratification Team: Geospatial Modelling For Malaria Risk Stratification And Intervention Targeting


With a focus on emerging malaria metrics and digital health information systems, Ewan researches novel statistical approaches to geospatial analysis of disease risk. The diverse suite of techniques he applies to this challenge is informed by his past research in astronomy (University of St Andrews; ETH Zurich) and Bayesian statistics (Queensland University of Technology). Ewan is currently focussing on the development of hierarchical models for incidence counts from health facilities with unknown catchment sizes, and on the integration of acquired immunity models for serological data in a spatial context.

His other interests include sequential Monte Carlo methods for approximate Bayesian computation, recursive algorithms for Bayesian model selection under stochastic process priors, and strategies for efficient model emulation.

Selected Biography

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