Associate Professor Catherine Moyes

Head of the Malaria Vector Modelling Group Team: Mosquito modelling and zoonotic malaria


Catherine leads the Malaria Atlas Project’s work on insecticide resistance in malaria vectors. The aim of this work is to characterise spatiotemporal variation in resistance and investigating associations with i) the potential drivers of selection and ii) trends in malaria transmission. There are important overlaps in the Anopheles vectors of malaria and the Aedes vectors of dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, west nile fever and Zika in terms of potential drivers of selection, behaviours and habitats, so our longer term aim is to consider whether we can usefully model insecticide resistance in both mosquito genera as part of the same analytical framework.

Also under the umbrella of the Malaria Atlas Project, Catherine leads a programme of work on spatial variation in Plasmodium knowlesi malaria. This malaria parasite is found in certain monkey species in southeast Asia and is regularly transmitted to humans. Knowledge of this disease lags behind the other human malarias and we are investigating the potential distribution of human infections, links with deforestation, and the impact of this disease in areas where the other human malarias are being eliminated.

Selected Biography

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