Camilo Vargas

Head of Data Engineering Team: ROAD-MAP: Data Engineering


Camilo joined MAP in January 2019 as a Senior Analyst/Programmer. Part of the ROAD-MAP team, he focus on the development of geospatial solutions to support the effective dissemination of epidemiological research data.

Camilo holds a BEng degree in Cadastral Engineering and Geodesy from the “Francisco Jose de Caldas” District University, a MA in Software for Computer Networking from “Los Andes” University and a MSc in Geographic Information Science from UCL.

Prior to working for Oxford University, Camilo co-founded and acted as a Geospatial Information Engineer at Prospective Labs. As a Technical Lead for the Prospective Platform, he lead a small team of software engineers building an integrated urban forecasting platform whose goal is to enable governments, businesses and communities to foresee the impact of changes to city systems and plan alternative futures.

Before that, Camilo was a Research Associate at the UCL Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, where his research focussed on the study of urban accessibility and sustainability using spatial analysis and land use transportation modelling methods, in a way that the predictions can be used to make better informed decisions for the determination of policies to improve urban sustainability; using spatiotemporal GIS, activity-based modelling and distributed computing with open source tools.

Camilo’s previous endeavors focus on the development of online GIS tools. He spent some months developing MARSWEB a GIS based web 2.0 mapping application to measure impact craters on the surface of Mars and DEMQis a web mechanism for users to share annotation on DEM quality problems at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in the Department of Space and Climate Physics of UCL. Before that, he worked as a research assistant in Spatial Data Infrastructure at the Research and Development Centre for Geographic Information (CIAF) of the ‘Agustin Codazzi’ Colombian Geographic Institute.

Selected Biography

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