Dr Adam Saddler

Research Officer

Adrian Redpath

Research Assistant

Dr Amelia Bertozzi-Villa

Dr Annie Browne

Senior Research Officer

Dr August Hao

Infectious Disease Modeller

Beth Gilmour

Research Assistant

Camilo Vargas

Head of Data Engineering

Associate Prof Daniel Weiss

Director of Global Malaria Epidemiology

Professor Dave Smith

Professor of Health Metrics Sciences

Dr David Duncan

Senior Infectious Disease Modeller

Associate Prof Ewan Cameron

Director of Malaria Risk Stratification

Eyob Gebreyohannes

Research Assistant

Dr Ezra Gayawan

Head, Biostatistics and Spatial Modelling Research Laboratory

Fanny Lefert

Frontend Developer

Dr Francesca Sanna

Research Officer

Dr Gerard Ryan

Statistical Modeller

Dr Guillaume Drouart

Senior Data Science Programmer

Dr Jailos Lubinda

Senior Research Officer

Jennifer Rozier

Senior GIS Specialist

Joseph Harris

Senior Analyst Programmer

Juniper Kiss

Research Assistant

Dr Kefyalew Alene

Director of Spatial Epidemiology of Tuberculosis

Mark Connell

Research Assistant

Mauricio Van Den Berg

Analyst Programmer

Dr Michael McPhail

Senior Research Officer

Natasha Stretton

Research Support Officer

Dr Nicholas Tierney

Research Software Engineer

Professor Nick Golding

Director of Malaria Ecology

Dr Paul Castle

Data Analyst

Dr Paulina Dzianach

Research Officer

Professor Peter Gething

Head of the Malaria Atlas Project

Dr Punam Amratia

Senior Research Officer

Professor Samir Bhatt

Professor of Machine Learning and Public Health

Sarah Connor

Analyst Programmer

Sirad Elmi

Research Assistant

Sherlynn Ang

Project Manager

Dr Song Zhang

Senior Research Officer

Dr Su Yun Kang

Senior Research Officer

Dr Susan Rumisha

Senior Research Officer

Dr Tasmin Symons

Senior Research Officer

Tara Boyhan

Research Assistant

Thomas Nguyen

Research Assistant

Tolu Okitika

Senior Program Manager

Twatasha Chikolwa

Research Assistant

Xiaoyu Yin

Analyst Programmer

Dr Yalemzewod Gelaw

Research Officer

Advisory Board

Our advisory board provides scientific and strategic input to help shape MAP’s decision making in support of the fulfillment of our commitments to funders and partners.

Composed of external individuals with expertise relevant to the overall objectives of MAP, our advisory board is a formal mechanism to enable an independent audit of MAP data, methods and results to maximize their robustness and suitability for informing decision making. Our advisory board also provide strategic review on the alignment of our activities with global and national agendas including on our strategies to foster further collaboration within the malaria research community; utilizing the most appropriate metrics to measure and track our research impact; and, implementing mechanisms that are adequately tailored for long term sustainability of developing capacity and decentralization.

Dr Caitlin Bever

Principal Scientist/Senior Research Manager, Institute for Disease Modeling at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr Corine Karema

Interim CEO, RBM Partnership to End Malaria

Dr Justin Cohen

Vice President, Malaria Division Clinton Health Access Initiative

Dr Jonathan Cox

Senior Program officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Prof Lisa White

Professor of Modelling and Epidemiology, University of Oxford

Dr Abdisalan Noor

Head of Unit, Strategic Information for Response, World Health Organization Global Malaria Program

Prof Ric Price

Professor of Global Helath, Menzies School of Health Research


Since it was founded in 2005 by Professors Simon Hay and Bob Snow, many individuals have contributed to the success of MAP, either as staff or key collaborators.

Prof Simon Hay (co-founder)
Prof Bob Snow (co-founder)
Prof Kevin Baird
Dr Donal Bisanzio
Jen Charlton
Dr Ursula Dalrymple
Maria Devine
Dr Iqbal Elyazar
Priscilla Gikandi
Naomi Gray
Dr Carlos Guerra
Andrew Henry
Prof Peter Horby
Zhi Huang
Dr Caroline Kabaria
Dr Moritz Kramer
Dr Bonnie Mappin
Daniel May
Dr Janey Messina
Dr Abdisalan Noor
Dr Anand Patil
Dr Fred Piel
Dr Marianne Sinka
Prof Andy Tatem
Will Temperley
Dr Katherine Battle
Dr Rosaline Howes
Dr Chantal Hendriks
Dr Timothy Lucas
Dr Anita Nandi
Dr Michel Nguyen
Dr Andre Python
Kate Twohig
Daniel Pfeffer
Mike Thorn
Dr Harry Gibson
Annie Kingsbury
Suzanne Keddie
Dr Penelope Hancock
Associate Professor Catherine Moyes
Nathaniel Henry
Danielle Earle
Dr Ahmed Elagali
Akriti Sharma
George Malone
Dr Emelda Okiro
Dr Victor Alegana
Prof Peter Horby
Dr Oliver Brady