How Can I Access GIS Data From MAP?

Many of the datasets MAP produces are in raster format. Raster datasets can be downloaded via the interactive MAP Explorer tool and the individual country profile pages. All such datasets available from this website are in the GeoTIFF format. This is a common format for the exchange of raster data and the data can be viewed in GIS programs such as ESRI ArcMap, or QGIS.

Export rasters as images
Export rasters as images

Please note that these GeoTIFF files are not suitable for viewing as images and will not display correctly in image programs such as the windows preview function. If you want to create images representing a viewable “map”, please use the interactive MAP Explorer tool and select the “Export as image” icon.

We have also released a set of guides to using MAP’s API to download malariometric data from our GeoServer instance.

The other main sets of spatial data used in MAP are administrative unit boundaries. We obtain these from sources such as GADM and GAUL, amongst others, using whichever are the most appropriate for the work being undertaken. We do not presently distribute these polygon datasets but they can be downloaded in shapefile or other common GIS