Parasite Rate Survey Data

ROAD-MAP: Data Engineering

The ROAD-MAP team gathers data from cross-sectional household surveys.

For information on our data collection protocols, data holdings, or to download data, please see our Parasite Rate Survey Data page.

Data is gathered on an annual basis and the 2018 data-gathering exercise is to run between August and October. We very much welcome pointers to new sources of data of offers to share data and are grateful to all the many people and organisations that have contributed data towards our research in the past.

MAP is the biggest on-line resource for malaria parasite rate surveys. As of July 2018, we hold 49,290 clusters for Plasmodium falciparum, 14,647 clusters for P. vivax, covering the years 1975-2017, across 87 malaria-endemic (or formerly endemic) countries. This represents around 5,188,396 people examined. All data is released with sources.

The graphics below show the numbers of clusters we have available by species, country, and year. Data can be downloaded from:

PfPR Data Holdings, July 2019
PfPR Data Holdings, July 2019
PvPR Data Holdings, July 2019
PvPR Data Holdings, July 2019

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