Seasonality Data

Current Project
Under the leadership of Suzanne Keddie, MAP is gathering data on the seasonality of malaria. These data will ultimately feed into new geostatistical models of the seasonality of malaria. Read More

Collating Evidence of Plasmodium vivax in Africa

Current Project
The relapsing parasite Plasmodium vivax has long been considered absent from the majority of sub-Saharan African populations due to a high prevalence of the Duffy-negative blood group in host populations. Under the leadership of Dr. Rosalind Howes, MAP is gathering evidence that shows P. vivax to be present across the continent. Read More

G6PD Deficiency Data Gathering Project

Past Project
Plasmodium vivax infections can cause repeated relapses of clinical disease due to dormant life-stages hidden in the liver. However, the only drugs that can effectively treat P. vivax infections and prevent relapses can also cause serious side-effects in people with G6PD deficiency. Under the leadership of Dr. Rosalind Howes, MAP is gathering data to describe the spatial epidemiology of G6PD deficiency. Read More

Routine Malaria Cases

Current Project

There is a wealth of case data from national health systems that is becoming available. The ROAD-MAP team is investing resource in pulling these data together to make a coherent global dataset of reported incidence and deaths at a sub-national level.

Read More

Parasite Rate Survey Data

Current Project
The Malaria Atlas Project curates an extensive collection of cross-sectional cluster-level malaria survey data. The vast majority of these data is available for download as part of our commitment to open access. Read More

Malaria Covariates

Current Project
This page describes the covariates (in the form of raster GIS datasets) gathered, developed, and used by MAP to support spatial modelling of malaria Read More

Administrative Boundaries

Current Project
GIS polygon data is an essential component for making maps with GIS software such as QGIS and ArcMAP. MAP has accumulated a large estate of GIS polygon data representing the administrative and health unit boundaries of malaria-endemic countries. Although the permission of use do not allow us to make these data available as a publicly downloadable set, we do provide a list of public sources and are able to share these data with our collaborators. Read More

Intervention Data

Current Project
Under the leadership of Dr Harry Gibson, the ROAD-MAP team is accumulating an estate of data relating to the distribution of anti-malarial interventions: Bednets, Indoor Residual Spraying, and anti-malarial drug coverage. Read More