The Malaria Atlas Project is a research group based in the University of Oxford and led by Professor Peter Gething. The group works to assemble global databases of malaria risk and intervention coverage. MAP develops statistical models to predict global malaria burden and these models require a variety of input data.

MAP does not go out into the field to collect primary data but rather gathers data from both publicly available sources and private communications. This document outlines MAP’s approach to ensuring any data provided to us in confidence is properly managed.

Data Security

MAP treats all the data it receives in accordance with the requirements of the data owners. On receipt of data, MAP will:

  • Store the data in its secure data management systems, controlling access to these systems via user authentication and authorisation mechanisms.
  • Record the ownership and permissions of use associated with the data.
  • Use the data only as explicitly stated by the data owner and recorded as above.
  • Acknowledge the receipt of data on our acknowledgements page (unless requested not to do so by the data owner).

In accordance with the requirements of the data owners:

  • MAP will not use the data for research purposes other than those explicitly granted by the data owner.
  • MAP will not release data on its website without the explicit consent of the data owner.
  • MAP will not pass data onto third parties of any nature without the explicit consent of the data owner.
  • MAP will cite the data owners in any publications arising from research.

United Kingdom GDPR Legislation

In accordance with the United Kingdom’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), MAP has published a Privacy Policy.